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Basic Sail Course Description


The course is normally given three times a year, in the Spring, Summer and late Summer/ Fall

Each course consists of two Classroom Lectures, lasting about two hour each, followed by six On-The-Water (OTW) classes where students learn to sail the club American 14.6 dinghies.
The OTW classes are usually two student and one instructor to a boat, although this can change with circumstances. Students will learn how to rig and de-rig the boat, as well as how to sail it, with special attention being paid to safety.
In order to pass the course and qualify for TASCA membership, students must complete the following tests:

- Rigging and De-rigging
- Written (open Book multiple choice)
- Demonstrate ability to tie specific knots 
- On the Water

We have taught over 4,000 students since 1967, and the success rate is very high. Our volunteer instructors are concerned to make sure that every student has the opportunity to learn whether they have previously been on a sailing boat or are on one for the first time. Students range in age from Sixteen to over Seventy, and are from many different backgrounds. Our classes are very 'hands on' in that each student will be sailing and controlling the boat during the On the Water classes, and will have plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques being taught. The knowledge gained during the course will be also be applicable to larger boats, and on becoming Tasca members, students will be able to advanced courses including those involving the club keel boat that is kept at the World's Fair Marina near Citi Field.

Detailed Description

Lecture 1

Registration and Welcome
Introduction to TASCA
Review of Course Manual and Procedures
Rigging and De-Rigging
Review of the Text Book "Learn Sailing Right", Chapters 1 to 10
Knots Practice
Questions and Answers

Lecture 2

Sign in and Welcome
Review of Course Materials and Procedures (continued)
Review of the Text Book "Learn Sailing Right", Chapters 11 to 16
TASCA Membership - qualifications for joining and benefits
Questions and Answers


Figure of Eight Stopper Knot
Two Half Hitches
Clove Hitch
Sheet Bend
Cleat Hitch
Square Knot
Rolling Hitch

On The Water Classes

Class 1: Boarding, Balance, Rigging, Getting Underway, Wind Direction, Steering with the Tiller, Heading Up, Falling Off, Coming About, De-rigging

Class 2: Review of previous lesson, Points of Sail (upwind), Getting out of Irons, Sail Trim, Safety Position, Awareness of Traffic, Approach to Mooring

Class 3: Review of previous lessons, Using the Centerboard, Point of Sail (downwind), Jibing, Hazards of Sailing by the Lee, Unintentional Jibe, Rules of the Road 

Class 4: Review of previous lessons, Safety/First aid, Overboard Recovery,Approach to the Dock

Class 5: Review of previous lessons, Practice Skills, Sailing Drills, Sailing with the Jib 

Class 6: Review of previous lessons, Practice Skills, Sailing Drills, Sailing with the Jib, On the Water Test