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Tasca Membership is open to students who have passed the Basic Sail Course

Register for the Basic Sailing course

Experienced sailors are also welcome; please contact the Tasca Vice President for more information:


If you are a Basic Sail Graduate who wants to become a TASCA member, please click on the "Join Now" button below to start your membership application process.

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Membership Benefits

TASCA membership provides the opportunity to:

  • volunteer in a number of capacities (such as boat maintenance, social committee, instructing - after having passed Instructor's course, etc)
  • take out a boat during open sail events at the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Boathouse on Meadow Lake
  • sign up (for a fee) to be crew on TASCA's keelboat
  • advance sailing skills as instructor, chase boat operator, dockmaster, day skipper and Rendezvous skipper
  • participate in the Rendezvous, an event where TASCA members charter a few 42' - 45' boats to learn to sail and live aboard a large sailboat (for the past few years we have had a Spring one in Tampa and a Fall one in the Chesapeake)